Why Swimming Is The Best Sport Ever

Swimming, don’t underestimate it. It has so many benefits to it. We vote it as the best sport. What do you think? Read these advantages before you decide…

1. A perfect low-impact sport

Many sports such as running, can put a lot of pressure on your bones and joints. Thanks to the water and the way it reacts with gravity (ever tried to lift someone heavy under water?), there is very little stress on bones and joints when you swim. Making it a perfect sport with anyone who sufferes from joint or bone pain, or has previously received a sport injury.

2. Stimulates the metabolism and burns fat

Swimming is an aerobic exercise. This means that if you swim 20 minutes straight, in the same rhythm and speed, you will improve your general fitness. It will also stimulate your metabolism which makes it the best sport for burning fat!

3. Improves your heart and lungs

Aerobic exercises are great in stimulating and regulating your heart rate and is great for your lungs too.

4. Burns calories!

a single hour of swimming burns 500 calories. Oh yeah!


5. Improves breathing

Throughout our day we are constantly upright, except for sleeping when your breathing works in an entirely different way. When you swim, your body is horizontal which moves the respiratory secretions, and improves breathing.

6. Fights asthma

Thanks to its breathing benefits, doctors often recommend to asthma sufferers to swim regularly.

7. Balances blood pressure and pulse rate

What is it not good for? Swim regularly and you’ll feel like an entire new person.

8. Works on almost the entire body.

When we swim we exercise both the lower and the upper body. Our head, and arms and legs are all balanced to support both parts of our body.

9. Improves posture

Doctors will also recommend swimming if you complain about back pain. It straightens your spine and improves your posture, by working all your joints and strengthening your muscles.

10. It’s easy

This sport doesn’t leave anyone out. There’s no team, no competitiveness (unless you want to compete), you can do it at any age, any gender. Swimming doesn’t discriminate, which other sport can you say that for?

A child smiles for the camera underwater while participating in the Marine Corps Community Services' annual Splashin' Olympics at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., Aug. 4, 2011. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Michelle Mattei/Released)

Go get your swimsuit on and head to the pool!