Top 10 Universities in the US

Each country has its own educational system, and every educational system is different from the rest in its own way. Universities are a fairly younger form of educational institutions, with the first one being established in the 9th century. Today there are thousands upon thousands of universities in the world. The United States is crowded with universities, having over 2600 (yes, two thousand six hundred) of them. Out of all those universities, picking out the top 10 best universities of the United States is not an easy task.ancient university photo

10. University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California in Los Angeles, or UCLA for short, didn’t actually start its existence as a university. It was founded in 1919 as a two-year undergraduate program for training teachers, but today receives more applications than any other school in America with over 72.000 coming in annually. With dozens of prize winning students and athletic achievements, UCLA is still considered to be one of the best universities in the US.


9. Yale University

With its flexible alumni network stretching to every corner of the globe, Yale University has everything one can ask for. One of its greatest influences is on American politics. There is no other university in the United States that can rank with Yale University when it comes to it. Many American presidents have spent their youth in Yale University, and the notorious Skull and Bones secret society has produced three presidents.


8. University of Chicago

Even though it’s one of the youngest elite universities in the world, it’s the leader of many scientific achievements of the 21st century. Out of 89 Nobel Prize winners, 22 have been in economics, which is outstanding when you take into consideration that the economics prize was first awarded in 1969.

chicago university photo

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7. Columbia University

Being the leading university in New York, it gives its students the opportunities which no other university there can give. It’s spread across five campuses in New York City, the Colombia College having over 26.000 applications annually. Eighty two people of the Columbia University have won Nobel Prizes.

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6. California Institute of Technology

With a student/faculty ratio of three to one, and 33 Nobel Laureates California Institute of Technology, or Caltech for short, ranks high on the list of the best US universities. Any school out there can give you a textbook, but this one gives you the opportunity to work alongside those who write their own textbooks.

caltech photo

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5. Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the oldest universities in the United States. In the battle of Princeton in 1777 the Nassau Hall in the university was “wounded” and still bears a scar from a cannonball. Even though it spreads its wealth across a smaller number of students, it produces high quality prosperous academic young men and women, whose graduation paper is valued all over the world.


4. University of California in Berkeley

With 52 percent of students helping teachers along in their research, and with more PhD’s than any other university in the United States, Berkeley comes on the 4th place of the best universities in the US list. With 77 Fulbright Scholars, 39 members of the American Philosophical Society and 22 Nobel Prize winners (of whom 8 are current faculty members), not many can rank with Berkeley.


3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

More than a century and a half old, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT has become one of the greatest science research centers in the United States today. With 80 Nobel Laureates and 56 National Medal of Science winners, it’s no wonder that Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin studied there. MIT is also known for using a focused approach on problems using first-class methodologies.


2. Stanford University

With almost $19 billion endowments, and 1.189-acre biological reserve that lets scientists study ecosystems first hand, it’s no wonder Stanford found its place in the top three. Also, included in the faculty are 158 National Academy of Science members, 51 members of the American Philosophical Society, 27 MacArthur Fellows, 22 Nobel Laureates, 5 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 3 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients. Stanford also has a 315-acre habitat reserve, in which they are trying to bring back the endangered tiger salamander.

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1. Harvard University

All the way in the first position is the oldest university in the United States, which was established in 1636, Harvard University. With its $36 million endowments, and history which is nearly four centuries old, there is no possible chance that any university deserves the first place more than this one. It holds the first position mainly because it’s near the top in almost every field, along with 32 heads of state, 47 Nobel Laureates, and 48 Pulitzer Prize winners, and a library containing more than 6 million volumes, which is the largest academic library in the world.

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