The Top 10 Movie Predictions of 2016

There are literally hundreds of films made every year; some never even make it to the big screen. Others, such as Star Wars, The Force Awakens, not only make it to the big screen but destroy almost every record which has been made. There have been very few films as hotly anticipated as the latest adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

The next instalment of this blockbuster is not due until 2017; in fact it’s release date has already been moved from May to December. In the meantime there are a host of other films to be seen and reviewed; the top ten anticipated releases of 2016 are:

1. The 5th Wave5th wave

The world has been devastated by an alien invasion; in fact humankind has been reduced to an equivalent of the stone age. The film follows the story of one survivor, Cassie Sullivan as a teenage girl looking for her brother. Unfortunately he may have been abducted by the aliens; which are human in appearance. Even the boy who is helping her could be an alien!

The film was released on January 22nd and has been well received despite drawing many comparisons to The Hunger Games.