Chubby but Limber: 7 Awesome Sammo Hung Fight Scenes

There’s something awesome about seeing an overweight short guy pull off mind-blowing martial arts stunts.

Though he never became as popular in the US as Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung was– and still is– very big in China.

Hung has starred in 75 films, and has appeared in over 230.  He attended the China Drama Academy as a child, which is where he got his start.

If you like to root for the underdog, you’ll like Sammo Hung movies.  Sammo often plays the role of a simple peasant or an everyday cop who– through hard work and dedication– managed to become a surprisingly badass martial arts expert.

Over the years, Hung has racked up a ridiculous amount of fight scenes.  Many of his best flicks are kind of obscure.  Fortunately for kung fu flick fans, there are plenty of cool Sammo Hung clips to watch on YouTube.

Here are the 7  best ones we could find.

7.  Chuck Norris and Sammo Hung team up to kick ass – Walker, Texas Ranger (Season 8, 2000)

What better way to introduce chunky badass Sammo Hung than with this Norris-Hung team up?

Hit play to see Sammo and Chuck kick ass and take names.  Keep watching to the end to see Sammo slam a thug into the side of a truck with a metal thermos.  No soup for you!

6.  Sammo vs. Asian Waldo – Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)

Enter the Fat Dragon
is a parody of the popular Bruce Lee kung fu flick, Way of the Dragon.  The first part of this clip is standard karate movie fare… but about halfway through, a box of golden rings go flying and the fun begins.  Sammo snatches one of the rings out of the air and starts using it to take down his stripey, bearded opponent.

5.  Double-legged jump kicks, parkour, luggage combat and more – Martial Law (1998-2000)

Some martial arts actors get lazy after they get famous.  Sammo, however, actually got better with age.

There’s something great about seeing a khaki-clad frumpy middle aged guy with a muffin top own the hell out of an entire swarm of attackers.  Perhaps that’s why Martial Law became an unexpected hit in the late 90s.

4.  Nipple Jabs and Foot Stomps – Winner Takes All! (1977)

This next fight scene– like many early Sammo Hung classics– is borderline slapstick comedy.  Here, Sammo is a sumo wrestler facing off against a challenger in blue, played by Richard Ng.  Sammo’s challenger is tough, but he isn’t the brightest bulb.  In one sequence, he bites Sammo’s thumb– only to discover that he’s actually biting himself a few seconds later.

3.  Sammo Hung vs. Lee Hoi San – The Magnificent Butcher (1979)

This film is based on a legendary Chinese folk hero named Wong Fei-hung, but”magnificent” doesn’t even begin to describe the fighting in this clip.

If you never thought a wok could be used as a deadly weapon, the video below may change your mind.

Sammo plays as one of Wong Fei-hung’s students, a simple (but extraordinarily talented) butcher named Lam Sai-wing.  Watch Sammo Hung demonstrate 5 unique fighting styles: the leopard fist, the snake the Crane and– last but not least– the Dragon.

2.  Donnie Yen vs. Sammo Hung – Kill Zone (2005)

You can tell this showdown is going to be one for the ages about two seconds into the scene, when Yen throws a sword at Sammo’s face.  Sammo reacts instantly, launching a high kick that sends the blade flying.  A few seconds later, Yen lands a flying jump kick that looks like Liu Kang’s bicycle kick move in Mortal Kombat.  Next, Sammo leaps up and the two fighters start flipping each other all over the place.

1.  The Double Head Lump – The Incredible Kung Fu Master (1979)

As wondrous as they are, the fight sequences you’ve watched so far can’t compare to this clip.  In it, Sammo is facing off against a wild bald guy in a red robe– an evil Mongol named Yang Wei, played by actor Lee Hoi San.

Sammo has the upper hand in this scene because he has a staff– but Yang Wei manages to evade the first few strikes with some furious head-bobbing.  After several tries, Hung finally lands a hit.

Then, the magic happens.  A large, Loony Toon-esque lump grows out of the top of Wei’s head.  But that’s not the end of the insanity.  A little later on, Wei gets hit on the head again and– you guessed it– a second lump grows out of the first one.