The 5 Coolest Supervillain Sanctuaries

Superheroes are complex, often damaged individuals.  They have guilt complexes, revenge issues and other psychological problems.  One of the most popular superheroes of all time– Superman– isn’t even human.

Heroes are not normal individuals.  Villains, however, are.

Most villains just want more stuff.  They’re greedy, so they rob banks.  Or maybe they’re just angry and they want to ruin everyone else’s fun.  Or, they want to control everything and be the boss.

These are all normal human motivations that any 6-year-old can understand.

Villains build lairs– secret, quiet places they can escape to when they want to hatch out their next plan for conquering the universe.

Your average simple-minded bad guy can make do with a hole in the ground, an old abandoned factory or an office cubicle in Scranton, Pennsylvania– but not these five classic comic book antagonists.

Read on to discover the 5 coolest comic book supervillain lairs of all time.

5.  Hall of Doom – Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom is a loose federation of 13 DC universe baddies that occasionally team up to try to take down the heroes they find particularly annoying.  Their base of operations is called the Hall of Doom. doom


The Black Manta


Versatility.  The Hall of Doom is cool because it’s not only able to fly– it’s also fully submersible.  What’s more, it also performs pretty well in outer space.

Doubles as a getaway vehicle.  Additionally, the base can be remote controlled.  When the Legion gets their asses kicked, they can call upon the Hall of Doom to make a convenient last minute escape.


Crowded, smells really bad inside.  When you’re a supervillain, hygiene is often a secondary concern.  Imagine sharing space with Aquaman’s arch enemy, the Black Manta.  When’s the last time he rinsed out his wetsuit?  Another potentially stinky member of the Legion is Gorilla Grood– a hyper-intelligent, telepathic gorilla.

The design is a total rip-off.  Though it is quite an effective hideout / getaway vehicle, the Hall of Doom loses points for lack of originality.  The exterior looks exactly like Darth Vader’s helmet.

4.  Lexcorp Towers – Lex Luthor

Unlike most super villains, Lex Luthor never felt the need to hide.  On the contrary, Luthor’ Lexcorp Towers were once the tallest buildings in all of Metropolis.

Luther’s towers were destroyed at the end of a 2001 DC universe storyline called “Our Worlds at War.”  Weirdly enough, the final issue of the series came out the day after terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11.



Pure audacity.  Luthor’s arch-enemy Superman is a superhero that can hold and contain a black hole in his fist.  Yet, instead of creating a super secret hideout in the middle of the earth, he erects not one but two gigantic buildings that tower over the biggest city in the world.  Both towers contained over 100 above-ground floors each and roughly twenty underground levels.  In addition to being Luthor’s base of operations, Lexcorp Tower is also a cash cow, offering expensive upscale dining and shopping experiences to the citizens of metropolis.

Clever defenses.  The interiors of the towers are lined with lead, so that Superman can’t see what’s going on inside.  The halls are patrolled by robot sentries.  Also, everything inside the building is automated.  Luthor can control everything from his executive office, located on the uppermost floor.


Bland and corporate.  The Lexcorp Towers are impressive, but they’re also not very imaginative.

3.  Iceberg Lounge – the Penguin

The Iceberg Lounge is a swank nightclub owned and operated by the Penguin.  After Batman investigated the place, he found evidence that Penguin was running many illegal behind-the-scenes operations.



Sexy staff.  The Penguin hired Jay, Lark and Raven to keep order in the place when he wasn’t around.  Together, Penguin’s henchwomen were able to hold their own against Batwoman.

Luxurious decor.  The Iceberg Lounge contains a huge two story restaurant, a pool for his pet penguins, a nautical themed dance floor and a tuxedoed house band.  Pretty classy stuff for an supervillain headquarters.

Plenty of secret areas.  The Penguin has an underground armory that contains a stash of illegal weapons.  Also, there are several more hidden backrooms used for various nefarious purposes.


Too obvious.  The Penguin isn’t the subtlest of supervillains.  The Iceberg Lounge was supposed to function as a front for Penguin’s criminal activities.  Yet, every aspect of the place has his stamp on it.

2.  Asteroid M – Magneto

Magneto’s base is a giant asteroid that orbits earth.  Facilities include an observation deck, hangar bays and medical facilities.M


Sheer size.  Asteroid M is probably the biggest supervillain hideout of all time.  It was originally designed to be a homeland for mutants willing to leave earth for good and live away from the rest of humanity.  The huge size of Asteroid M also served a defensive function.  In the event that the base was destroyed, Asteroid M would crash to earth, causing widespread destruction and panic.

It’s got a swimming pool.  When Magento’s mutants weren’t training to take down the X-men, they could work on their breaststroke.

Selective inhibitor fields.  Selective inhibitor fields allowed Magneto to stop problematic superheroes or mutants from using their powers while on the asteroid.


It’s an asteroid.  Magneto’s idea that droves of mutants would want to abandon their families and all the comforts of home to come live in space with him was perhaps a bit flawed from the get-go.

1.  Castle Doom

Castle Doom is by far the coolest supervillain lair in comic book history.  The 100 room castle is situated in the middle of the city of Doomstadt, which is the capital of a fictional Eastern European country located between Romania and Hungary called Latervia.

Screenshot 2016-01-23 01.06.50


doomisDoom’s Day.  Dr. Doom runs the entire nation of Latervia from Castle Doom.  Because he’s an absolute dictator, he makes all the rules and sanctions all the official government holidays.  Once or twice a year, the country celebrates Doom’s Day.  Unlike standard holidays, Doom’s Day occurs whenever Dr. Doom feels like throwing a party.

Doombots.  Every inch of Castle Doom is patrolled by high tech Doombots– robots that look exactly like Dr. Doom.  Doom also uses Doombots to enforce laws on the streets of Latervia.  Doombot can fly, shoot electricity out of their gauntlets, disassemble/reassemble themselves and self destruct when necessary.

Awesome defenses.  A powerful forcefield protects the exterior of the castle.  Get past that, and you have to make it through electric stunners, lasers and poison gas– all while fighting off doombots.


None whatsoever.  Castle Doom is the ideal supervillain lair.