Being a Man in the Modern World

You have probably heard of the terms heterosexual, metrosexual and even transsexual. The modern world is a vastly different place to that which your parents grew up in. There is no longer an obvious rite of passage; a journey to complete which, once achieved, marks you as a man. Puberty is starting younger and younger but only serves to provide you with a deeper voice. In an ever changing world is it still possible to be a man’s man?

The traditional image of a man is someone who is strong, powerful, never afraid and has no time for fear or other emotions. A man is someone who gets the job done; no matter what obstacle is placed in their way.

However, modern society now expects men to be able to display their emotions, to talk about feelings and even go shopping! This has led to the rise of the metrosexual man. Someone who is in touch with their own looks; they are likely to take as much time getting ready for a night out as the women in their life do; quite possibly by using as many make-ups and creams as them as well! In fact, the metrosexual man is unlikely to be able to pass a clothes shop without entering and purchasing the latest must have item.

Women seem to be constantly demanding that a man is more sensitive, more emotionally available; in many ways more feminine. yet, they are also looking for the typical strong man, whose arms they can feel safe in and who will protect them from any and all attacks. It can be easy to see why the modern man is confused as to what is actually expected from him and how to react in any given situation.

Learn to display the following traits and you will be both a modern and a traditional man!



It is essential for the modern man to take pride in their appearance. This does not mean taking an obscene amount of time getting ready, applying moisturizer, tanning lotion and goodness knows what else! It does mean knowing when you need to be smartly dressed and when jeans and a T-shirt are acceptable. Whatever your attire you should ensure you clothes are clean, tidy and your hair has been combed or styled.

Personal hygiene is an important part of your appearance. There are times when dirty hands are essential and, indeed, the modern man should never be afraid to get his hands dirty. However, dirt under your nails when going out for dinner or drinks is a big no! You can get away with a huge amount of personal style choices; providing you are clean and presentable.



The classic image of male strength is still important today. Even in a world of equality many women are still looking for a man who can protect them if they need it. A woman needs to feel safe and a strong, capable man can provide that. Although many women present a tough, street smart image and profess that they can look after themselves, they still value the comfort and security of being with a man who is physically strong and confident enough in their own abilities to defend their woman; if necessary.

An important attribute which is key to physical strength is confidence. A modern man must be confident that they can handle any situation; and be willing to step up when necessary.

Financially aware3

It has become increasingly common for a men to expect a man to have a good financial awareness and a plan to deal with in the future. Although it may be the women in a relationship which often controls the finances; they can only do this comfortably if they know that their man has a plan. This will confirm the women that a man knows the value of money and will be able to provide for them and a family; if they choose to have one.

Whilst this approach may seem sexist; it is relevant as it is still, generally, the woman who will put their career on the back burner for the sake of children. In order for them to be comfortable doing this they must be confident that their modern man is financially aware.

Ability to listen8

The modern man must listen to the thoughts and concerns of others; preferably being able to dispense words of wisdom afterwards. If this is not the case then they should at least be able to listen without interrupting. This provides a woman with the chance to vent their frustration and opens the opportunity to explore solutions together.

Listening is also an important part of making your partner seem valued; a skill which can never be underestimated.

Acts like a gentleman5

Even modern society likes a man to be a gentlemen; this includes but is not limited to, opening doors for a lady, taking their coat and even not leaving the toilet seat up! Being a gentleman means you know how to behave in society and your partner will feel proud to have you in their arm; no matter what the occasion.

Part of this is the ability to defend a ladies honor if required. You should never need to be prompted to defend your lady; although this does not mean you need to resort to a physical fight!

Be comfortable with your own masculinity


Being a modern man means understanding that you are a man! It doesn’t matter if you are asked to hold a lady’s handbag or purse, you should be comfortable enough with your own sexuality and the person you are that you can do this without a second thought.

To be comfortable with your own masculinity you must know who you are and what you are capable of; being assured of your own skills and even the limits of your ability will ensure you can handle any situation.

Practical Skills


Finally, a modern man needs to have an element of practical skills. You do not necessarily need to be able to strip and rebuild your car’s engine. However, you do need to be able to perform basic maintenance tasks and not to appear squeamish when confronted with a spider or mouse!

It is not always easy to be a main in the modern world but the traditional image of a man still has many parts to play. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you need to have a set of principles; these should be adhered to, no matter what situation you face.