The 20 Worst Sports Team Fans Ever

Imagine a sports event leading to a government coup and over 30,000 deaths.  That’s exactly what happened in Constantinople back in 532 AD, following the carnage that ensued after the Nika riots.

Today’s fans are only slightly more civilized more civilized than the chariot race fans of ancient Rome.  Let’s take a look at 20 modern day sports team fans that are known for obnoxious, rude, violent behavior.

20.  Vancouver Canucks

Though most people think of Canadians as being polite, modest people.  Canuck fans, however, are the mirror image of the classic Canadian stereotype.  After the Canucks lost to the Bruins in the 7th game of the Stanley Cup in ’94, 140 people were injured including 9 police officers and 4 stab wound victims.  Since the riots Canuck fans have grown increasingly obnoxious and arrogant, despite the fact that the Canucks have failed to make it back to the Stanley Cup championship.canuck

19.  Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys fans are known to be one of the most arrogant groups of sports nuts around.  Every year, owner Jerry Jones throws piles of money at star free agents.  Yet, the team hasn’t been any good since the mid 90s.  Watch the video below to see an extra douchey Cowboys fan belt out a fight song.


18.  Philadelphia Phillies

Every sports team from Philadelphia has awful fans, but Phillies fans are perhaps the worst example.  A Phillies fan once intentionally vomited on an 11-year-old fan of an opposing team.  Check out the video below to see a Phillies fan shove an old lady out of the way to get at a foul ball.


17.  Oakland Raiders

Raiders fans are known for their violent behavior, but according to a report from Emory Sports Marketing Analytics they also bad at supporting their team.  In 2014, Raiders fans ranked last on the Fan Equity Scale.

16.  Maryland Terrapins

Fans of the Maryland Terrapins have started five riots in the last 10 years.  In 2002, fans picked up metal barricades and used them as battering rams against the police.  One guy knocked two teeth out of a state trooper’s mouth by hitting him with a piece of wood.

15.  Florida Marlins

Marlins fans don’t bother to show up for games even when the team has a good year.  Shots of Marlins Park always reveal rows upon rows of empty chairs.

14.  Montreal Canadiens

Unlike the Vancouver Canucks, the Montreal Canadiens used to be a good team.  The team’s glory days are long over, though– and Canadiens fans are more than bitter about their team’s decades-long losing streak.  They boo the United States national anthem, heckle their own players and riot every time they make the playoffs.

13.  New York Yankees

This super-rich NYC team simply buys up the entire league’s talent, ensuring regular trips to the World Series championship.  Sorry, other teams in the American League– your payrolls simply don’t have enough zeroes to make it past the Evil Empire.   yank

12.  West Virginia University Mountaineers

WVU fans are prolific rioters.  Between 1997 and 2003, Mountaineer wackos have set the streets on fire over 1,200 times.