17 Hilarious Cat Pictures

Most animals have been captured on film in some way, and some of these pictures are down right hilarious. Animals, I don’t think, mean to be funny, but they can make anyone with a soul cry from laughter, depending on what they’re doing. Some of the funniest pictures I’ve seen are of cats doing what cats do best. Here are just a few of those:


Now, everyone knows that cats, for the most part, hate water. Anytime you try to give one a bath, they see the tub filling up and take off in the opposite direction. It looks like this one didn’t get away fast enough. His facial expression says it all.


I would not advocate pulling the whiskers of a cat. It’s not humane, and I think it causes them enormous amounts of pain. But this picture is flat out funny. It reminds me of a parent forcing their child to smile just to take a fine family portrait during Christmas. But you know this cat is hating it’s life right now.


I think I remember seeing this scene in a video I watched on YouTube, or something. Whatever that white cat did, the darker one is having none of it–and he looks like he’s about ready to roundhouse kick the white one in the face if he gets too close. Now that would be something to see!


This cat is straight chillin’. He looks like he could shout, “Alice, bring me another beer, would ya?” at any moment. “And tell me when you dump Fancy Feast in my bowl!”


It is very possible that this cat just witnessed a murder, and he doesn’t know what to make of it. At any moment, it looks as if a giant hairball could fly out of his mouth. Whatever he’s looking at, it can’t be the most pleasant thing in the world.


“Now, I want you both to calmly jump into the cat carrier. Do it now, or I’ll blow your freaking head off.” I know this is photo-shopped, but I lost it when I saw this picture. The one duckling looks petrified, and the other duckling looks like he’s trying to keep him calm.

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Most cats don’t seem to like having clothes put on them, and this guy is no exception. He looks like he feels his life is over, or that he wants to end his owner’s life. Either way, it still makes for a pretty funny picture.

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This cat looks like he’s about to spill his guts to the bartender while waiting on a drink. Some catnip cocktail of some kind will loosen him up.


Someone went all out on dressing this cat up for, I guess, Halloween. I have to admit, it’s pretty cool, and the cat seems to be playing the part perfectly.

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This cat either had too many catnip cocktails at the bar, or maybe his parents were siblings.


Just imagine going to the grocery store and seeing this on the shelf. I’d be freaked the eff out. But what I’m wondering is how the cat got into that jar, and why?


“How does it look? Does it look ok, or nah? It took me forever to get this thing on, and you’re not even going to tell me how it looks?”

“Hello, I’m here to talk you about diabetes.”


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This cat looks like he’s been contemplating the meaning of life and finally figured it out, which looks as if it scares him a little bit. But maybe now he can rest assured knowing that the point of his life is to just be a cat and lay on the sofa arm rest.

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“Hahahaha! Yeah! Keep doing it like that! Oh yeah! That’s good! Right there!”

This one is sort of creepy. It reminds me of one of those horror movies where some little, evil child is about to stab someone in the face. They all have little, evil grins on their faces, and this cat is no exception.



“You remember when I told you you’re going to have to eat all of your beans before you get dessert? Well, you ate your dessert first, didn’t you? Didn’t you?! Well, now look what happens… You will eat literally every bean out of that bowl. Right now.”