10 Grooming Products Every Man Should Have

Men grooming has become more than just an acceptable part of life, it is now being openly embraced by men, women and the industry. There are an abundance of products now available on the market to ensure you look your best, no matter what the occasion. Personal grooming is not just a means to look good for your hot date tonight! It should be an essential part of your daily routine, not only will it mean you can get a hot date anytime of the day or night, but looking after yourself will ensure you age gracefully. You’ll never look your age and looking good on the outside will help you to feel good on the inside! The following products are essential to include in your grooming kit:

1. Deodorant

This should be the most important item in your grooming kit. Whether you have just got up or are getting ready for a big night out, a dash of this under each arm will ensure you smell good the whole day or night through. There is little more off-putting to others than the stench of your body odor after you have danced the night away.

2. Body Scrub

Of course, to get ready properly you need to take a shower and use a body scrub. A scrub does more than make your skin smell nice. It removes the top layer of dead cells and allows the layer underneath to soak up the nutrients in the environment, particularly vitamin D from the sun. It will also keep your skin healthy and give it a natural, healthy glow. There are an abundance of different scents and brands on the market, you may need to try several before you find the perfect one for your needs.

3. Razor and Shave Cream

There are many different options available in the market to ensure you have a well groomed, freshly shaved appearance. You may choose to use an electric razor as this is very practical if you are short on time. However, the best way to shave is to use an old fashioned blade and some shaving foam or cream.

Shaving this way will ensure any dead cells are removed from your skin and that the shave is exceptionally close; giving you baby soft skin, even if only for a short time! Even if you prefer to have a beard it is essential to trim it and shave the remainder of your face. You will also need to comb you beard to ensure there are no stray particles in it.

4. Face wash

This product is designed to be used on your face; which is exposed to the most amount of dirt and pollutants. By using a face wash every day you will remove these contaminants from your skin and reduce the risk of spots and other unsightly outbreaks. These are usually caused by a build up of dirt or debris in your pores which washing with soap and water alone can not remove.

5. Acne cream

Using a face wash everyday will eliminate the majority of spots and skin blemishes before they occur. However, there will still be the odd occasion when one appears; it will usually be right before an important date or meeting. Acne cream can be used directly on any type of spot and will quickly dry it and reduce the red appearance of it. No cream can remove a spot instantly but it will assist in clearing up any large outbreaks in just a few days.

6. Moisturizer

There are many different types of moisturizers available in the market; however, the majority if them can be used on any part of your body and are an essential part of your daily washing routine. A moisturizing cream will, as its name suggests, add moisture to your skin. This does more than simply make it feel soft! Your cells are made up of seventy percent water and a moisturizer will replace much of this water, keeping the cells healthy and elastic. Elasticity is important as this is what allows your skin to stretch and return to normal. As you age your skin will naturally lose this elasticity and start to sag. Moisturizer can help to prevent or delay this.

7. Eye Cream

One of the biggest signs of aging is the development of lines around your eyes, commonly known as crows feet. This is often a result of laughing or frowning a lot. It s also common to develop puffy, dry or even dark circles under your eyes. This is a result of life, the stresses, strains and everyday activities which often leave you feeling and looking drained.

Eye cream can help to remove the effects of this. It will smooth and moisturize dry skin while filling the fine lines before they develop into visible crows feet. It is never to late to start using this cream!

8. Lip Balm

This may seem a very feminine product and it is not necessary advisable to walk down the street applying your lip balm! However, like any other moisturizer it will keep your lips moist and protect them from cracking and drying out; something that can be done whether in the sun or the wind.

Cracked lips are more than just sore, they leave you open to infection; a little of this product every day will prevent this from happening.

9. Hair Styler

A few people can get away with having literal out of bed hair. The majority of you will need to apply some sort of hair product to keep it in place. You can choose from hair spray, hair gel, wax or even hair foam. You may need to try several to find your preferred solution.

Doing your hair into a style and using a product to hold that style for the day is about more than just looking good. It reflects your personality. Your hair styles shows your outlook, bold and brash or conservative; it also shows others that you care about yourself; an attribute that is very attractive to other people.

10. Cologne

The finishing touch to your personal grooming routine is to splash a little of your favorite cologne onto your neck. Do not overdo it! People like to get a faint whiff of your delightful smell rather than have a full nostril of it; which may well make them gag.

Now, you simply need to choose the right clothes for the occasion and head out, feeling and looking good; no matter what happens during the day.