10 Gadgets Every Man Must Have

With the everyday advances in technology, new gadgets keep constantly appearing on the market. Some of them are copies or replicas of previous existing models, but some of them are so unique and creative they will blow your mind. No one can live without gadgets in the modern technological era, but people seem to take them for granted. Everyone loves gadgets, they’re everywhere, but even though not many of them are excessively useful, there are several gadgets every guy just must possess in his inventory.

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1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Who doesn’t like cleaning? – Every man alive. When it comes to vacuuming the house, it’s a real nightmare for most of the guys. That’s why there are robotic vacuum cleaners. They vacuum day in and day out, and you don’t even have to move a finger. The robots even get into the hardly-reachable areas for vacuuming, so no more lifting couches and moving tables around.

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Photo by Eirik Newth


2. Portable Charging Unit

Smartphone batteries these days are a real trouble for many. They don’t even last a day before going dead. Luckily, the portable charging unit is here to save the day. As a man, you always want to be prepared to save your phone from going dead, and the unit will charge it via USB, AC power and even solar power.

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Photo by FoXovsky


3. Wireless Speaker

Music is one of the essentials wherever you are on the planet. Bringing music to a field trip, vacation or camping site is now possible with the invention of wireless speakers. These will save you from listening to music on your smartphone. Additionally, the wireless speaker can be used at home, by being connected with any household device wirelessly. It makes life much easier for everyone.

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Photo by 246-You


4. Portable Party Fridge

Watching football matches isn’t the same when the beer isn’t cold anymore. The solution to that problem is the portable party fridge, which comes in different shapes and sizes. It usually holds up to 24 regular cans of beer, and if you want to take it with you, you can simply plug it into a car charger and take it with wherever you want.

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Photo by Doug Beckers


5. Nintendo New 3DS

What’s better than a Nintendo 3DS? – The new and improved model with tweaked processor and slightly larger screen (which has also been improved, so you won’t have to look directly into the screen to get the 3D effect). It’s all new and improved, but the iconic look and the buttons still have their renowned retro look and feel.


6. The Nest Thermostat

There is nothing worse than getting home from a cold winter day and waiting for the house to warm up. That is why every man should have the Nest Thermostat in their homes. Not only does it learn your movements, but it will also heat your home before you get back from work. It’s also controllable through smart phone or the wall mounted dial. This will be a great way to control the temperature at home as well as saving on the electrical bill in the process.

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Photo by grantsewell


7. Home Cinema Projector

Although a bit pricey, projectors will prevent all those home renovations you will need to make for the home cinema you always wanted. Our recommendation is the Sony Short Throw 4k Projector, with the ability to project 147-inch images and its astonishing 4K resolution. Home cinemas are nice investment after all, especially if you’re a movieholic, or want to provide comfort for your friends, or for the ladies.

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Photo by gsloan


8. Leap Motion

What’s cooler than touch screens? – The ability to control your computer just by moving your hands. This concept of moving objects on the screen in various ways, with various hand motions, is an astonishing futuristic idea, which is probably just the beginning of the upcoming virtual reality. It’s amazing how all of this can be done without even touching the screen.

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Photo by pestoverde


9. Smart Watch

Another gadget every man should have is a watch, and not just any watch, a smart watch. Watches come in all shapes and sizes, but as technology improves, they get better and better. The smart watches of today serve as a reminder about when you are having your next appointment, your anniversary, and for simpler reasons – to tell time. Especially handy for those who are forgetful, a smart watch is the way to go.

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Photo by Decade City

10. Smartphone

Last but not least, the most important gadget that drives our lives – smartphones. Everyone takes smartphones for granted, but take their smartphones away for a day and everyone loses their minds. Smartphones are essential to our lives, because they can access every document on any computer in the world, and still we use them to watch fluffy cat videos. You can choose out of various operating systems and can dispute whether one is better than the other, but in the end, it all comes down to taste.

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